Ep005 A conversation on climate change with Dr. Debra Tillinger

In today's conversation, I speak with climate educator Dr. Debra Tillinger. Dr. Tillinger holds a PhD in ocean and climate physics from Columbia University. She works at the American Museum of Natural History in New York city and is also a performance artist who teaches science informally as "Dr. Mermaid."

Dr. Tillinger and I talk about the history of climate research, some of the common myths associated with climate and climate change and why it's unlikely that science will come up with a single, simple solution to saving the earth's inhabitants.

Get tickets to the 2018 Mermaid Lagoon at House of Yes in Brooklyn, New York here!

Please visit Dr. Tillinger's website and support the great work she is doing. www.debratillinger.com

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Background on Mandelbrot sets and chaos theory

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Information on carbon capture and sequestration

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A citation for the importance of population in climate change

1996: Recycling Is Garbage By John Tierney

2015: The Reign of Recycling By John Tierney

The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives

Heidi Cullen

Lolita the Orca and more Lolita


Ep004 (Re)Born to be Wild with science communicator and author Britt Wray

In today's conversation, I speak with science educator Britt Wray. Britt grew up in Toronto and has lived around the world, and is now completing her PhD in Science Communication at the University of Copenhagen in the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication. Britt holds an honours bachelor of science in biology from Queen's University in Kingston and a master's in Art, Media and Design from OCAD University in Toronto.

Britt's first book, Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics and Risks of De-Extinction was published in 2017 by Greystone Books in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation. Today we talk about her book and what de-extinction really is including the many myths surrounding de-extinction.

Please visit Britt's website and support the great work she is doing.  www.brittwray.com

Britt's Twitter

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Ep003 The rights of humans with author Marina Nemat

In this episode of the Life Imperative podcast I speak with celebrated Canadian Author Marina Nemat about her human rights activism and how important human rights are to a global community.

You can learn more about Marina at her website at www.marinanemat.com

Mentioned in the podcast:

The Canadian Centre for the Victims of Torture www.ccvt.org


Ep002 Insights into the last Neanderthal with author Claire Cameron

In this episode of the Life Imperative podcast, I speak with Claire Cameron, author of The Last Neanderthal. Claire and I talk about her new novel and the extraordinary amount of research that went into writing a book about our extinct hominin cousins. We also talk about our struggles with progress and how we can use that discomfort to create awareness about the future of our species.

You can follow Claire at her website at www.claire-cameron.com

Read Claire's articles and interviews at The Millions.

Ep001 Deforestation and the coffee connection

In this episode I speak with Meagan Thibeault, Communications Director at Merchants of Green Coffee, about green coffee bean sourcing, forestry preservation through scaleable solar drying, empowering women in Central America, and other ways you can lower your carbon footprint while enjoying Toronto's best cup of coffee.

Click to find out more about Meagan, Cafe Solar and roasting your own green beans at home.